Author: Integrated Material Systems Lab

Dr. Sundaresan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He directs the research work and thesis of students enrolled in doctoral, masters and undergraduate honors program in mechanical engineering. He has a Ph.D., in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and graduated from Prof. Donald J. Leo's group in May 2007. His doctoral thesis 'Biological Ion Transporters as Gating Devices for Chemomechanical and Chemoelectrical Energy Conversion' explored the use of transmembrane proteins to design micro hydraulic actuators and energy conversion systems.

Parker Evans wins first place in IMR 3MT

A Ph.D. candidate in the group, Parker Evans, presented his work in the 3 minute thesis competition during 2019 IMR Materials Week.

His presentation won him the first place in this event!!!

Parker Evans is a Translational Plant Sciences program and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student and dissertation focuses on developing a device called ‘chemical actuator’.

Congratulations Parker!

Parker Evans 3MT award

Vijay’s Candidacy Exam – Congratulations

Vijay Venkatesh – a graduate student in the lab defended his dissertation proposal and successfully passed the candidacy exam. His thesis titled  “Mechanoelectrochemistry of faradaic materials using shear-force based near-field microscopy” will continue to investigate the use of SECM in understanding multi-domain interactions in conducting polymers.

Congratulations Vijay!!


Sujasha’s Candidacy Exam – Congratulations

Sujasha Gupta – a graduate student in the lab defended her dissertation proposal and successfully passed the candidacy exam. Her thesis titled”Development and Utilization of a Novel High Bandwidth Cation Sensor to Detect Dynamic Neuronal Processes” will continue to investigate the application of conducting polymer sensors for monitoring neuronal synapse!

Congratulations Sujasha!!