Summer-2014 Update #1

This is the first of the updates for summer-2014. We have exciting hardware and personnel additions to the group! Updates since our last post include:

1. We welcome Gris Rios from Monterrey Tech to the group as a summer research scholar. Gris will build up on Pedro’s work on embedded mechatronic software based on Android platform and stay tuned for new capabilities added to this software.

2. The melt press for the fabrication of thermoplastic polymer coupons and a d33 meter (for piezoelectric materials) have become operational. We have the ability to make homogenous melt-mixed polymer nanocomposites as sensors, actuators and energy harvesting materials.

3. One of our labs W360 is BSL2 ready!

4. Northcutt and Sundaresan’s paper on nanostructuring polypyrrole membranes using phospholipid vesicles as soft-templates is accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Royal Society of Chemistry) and now available online (DOI: 10.1039/C4TA02352H).

5. Our paper on constitutive modeling for redox chemomechanical response of polypyrrole actuators to Sensors and Actuators: Chemical B has been published as Venugopal, V., et al., A thermodynamic chemomechanical constitutive model for conducting polymers. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2014. 201(0): p. 293-299.


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