Research Update (February 2014)

February 2014 was routine business.

Our group participated in the Smart Vehicle Concepts center (SVC) Spring 2014 meeting on 13, 14 Feb 2014 and Srivatsava Krishnan presented his first SVC presentation on our progress towards fabrication and characterization of ‘Mechanoluminescent light sources’.   The lab tour to visitors during tis meeting featured demonstrations of Paul Gilmore’s synthetic jet actuators, capabilities of our SECM and a general tour of our facilities and infrastructure for advanced fabrication and characterization.

We kick started our weekly group presentations on Feb-18, 2014 with presentations from Robert Northcutt, Vinithra Venugopal and Ursula Zangrilli.  On the infrastructure front, we added HEKA MHK-1 polisher to our list of infrastructure and are well on our way to polish, renew and repair SECM nanoelectrodes.

We are planning to start a new section on this website for various laboratory fabrication and characterization procedure from March 2014 in an effort to disseminate the laboratory protocols developed through our research. The first laboratory notes section will focus on the electrical characterization of bilayer lipid membranes. While some of this is already published by our group elsewhere, we hope to reach out to a larger audience through this website.

Stay tuned,

Vishnu-Baba Sundaresan (@vishnubabas)

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