Research update (January 2014)

Welcome to the first of monthly updates for 2014 from Integrated (Materials) Systems Lab!

Arctic weather in Columbus, OH does not seem to deter new year cheer and motivation in the lab. Graduate students Robert Northcutt and Vinithra Venugopal passed the department Ph.D. qualifier exams in Jan-2014. Congratulations Bobby and Vini!

As with any new semester, there are personnel changes.

  • Pedro, the lab’s first visiting scholar from Monterrey Tech, Mexico has returned back to Mexico and is anticipated to finish his doctoral thesis. Our collaboration with Dr. Horacio Ahuett-Garca’s group and Pedro will continue across the southern border and we will continue working on the DASH platform for electric vehicles. It was gratifying to see that Google and various automakers were working simultaneously with us and announced their integration efforts at CES in Las Vegas in Jan, 2014 and a month behind our presentation of similar concepts in 2013 IEEE-ICCVE conference in Hotel Rio on Dec 5, 2013.

New personnel in our group from Jan 2014 include

  • Cong Zhang, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering
  • John Thornton, undergraduate researcher and B.S. student in mechanical engineering at OSU

The start of the new year also marks the kick-off of two new research projects in our group.

  • Mechanoluminescent sources (a Smart Vehicle Concepts Center project)
  • Multifunctional Low-Volume Fraction Ionomer Nanocomposites (Parker foundation project)

We anticipate our first results from these projects at the end of first quarter in 2014 and stay tuned (if you are curious).


Vishnu-Baba Sundaresan (@vishnubabas)

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