Welcome to Sundaresan’s Research Group at The Ohio State University.

Research Mission

Sundaresan’s Research Group in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University

 focuses on ionic (chemoelectrical/chemomechanical) materials and material systems in sensing, actuation and energy storage.

Specific focus in the last five years has been towards developing novel materials and material systems for structural applications (self-healing thermoplastic ionomers), energy storage (conducting polymers) and environmental functions (bioderived materials).

The team of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working with Dr. Sundaresan explore multi-domain interactions in electroactive polymers, biomolecules and smart materials and develop multi-material constructs integrated at their fundamental scales of interaction. The material systems thus formed are referred to as an ‘Integrated Material System’ and has novel properties. An overview of current and past research projects, and research focus is presented in the image below.


If you have any specific questions about ongoing research activities (or) future pursuits, feel free to write to sundaresan.19@osu.edu


We thank our current sponsors,

National Science Foundation (2010-present, 4 awards)
Honda R&D Americas (2014-present)
Parker-Hannifin Corporation (Fluid Connectors Group) (2014-present)
HEKA Elektronik GmbH (2015-present)
OSU Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) (2016-present)

and our previous sponsors,

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (2009-’11)
Army Research Office (ARO) (2011)
Office of Naval Research (ONR) (2011-’12)
OSU Institute of Materials Research (2013-’14)
Emerson Electric (2015)

for supporting past and ongoing research activities of this lab and relevant scientific pursuits.